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Tony Sakiri


Tony started his film making journey while he was in college. Eight years ago, he stumbled upon an ad on facebook looking for a second shooter for a wedding, and decided it sounded way better than his job at Starbucks. Little did he know that he would fall in love with filming weddings and shoot over one hundred of them! 

Throughout his film making career, he has worked on several short films, commercial projects, documentaries, and features. Yet he ended up finding something special about weddings. 

Tony was so in demand for his skill and personality while shooting for other companies that he would frequently shoot back to back weddings. Sometimes, four in a row. What he loved most about shooting weddings was the close connections that he would form with his couples. He made them smile, laugh, and enjoy their day. A skill that is very valuable considering all of the stressors of a wedding day. On top of getting amazing shots, he would form a friendship with his couples.

In 2022, Tony shot over 80 weddings for other companies! Although he loved what he did, he quickly became exhausted. That’s why he started Sakiri Wedding Films. So that he could focus his efforts and give 100% of himself to 25 couples per year rather than work himself to the point of exhaustion with 80. 

Two things are certain about Tony.

  1. He is very passionate about shooting weddings.
  2. His biology degree is gathering dust on his wall.
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We are based out of Redlands, California. However, we frequently travel all over California for weddings. We have done weddings at a bunch of cool places! From  San Diego to Palm Springs and everywhere inbetween. 

We will occasionally shoot weddings abroad depending on our availability. We have been all over the United States and would love to talk to you about your wedding.

100% YES! We love doing engagement shoots! Look at our engagement shoots here.


Usually, weddings will take between 8 – 12 weeks to edit. 

Either give us a call/text or email and we’ll handle the rest.

Our contact info can be found here:

Our focus is you! Our shooting style depends on the couple and the wedding. Typically we like to keep a low-key profile while still capturing all of the important parts of your day.

Yes! We use audio recorders and Lavalier microphones to capture the ceremony along with the speeches so that every sounds as amazing as it looks.

Oh… I have so many lame dad jokes. Ask me about the Spanish magician one, that’s a crowd favorite.

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